feminist punk rock dance band



“JUICED is brave. It is fun. It is hilarious. … 4D entertainment of the 23rd century”

-Zachary Rosen, DC Metro Theater Arts

“[A] David Bowie fever dream.”
-Ruthie Rado, DC Theatre Scene

“It’s less dance than ritual movement.”
-Roger Catlin, Washington Post

“’we are equal and deserved to be treated as such’ not “’no boys allowed’.”
-David Dowling, Dancing in the District

“defying expectations is kind of the group’s thing”
-Jonelle Walker, Washington City Paper


“‘Edgy’ is far too conservative and misleading a term to describe these three women’s intense, physical, rhythmic portrayal of the way men perceive and misperceive women … ‘Off the edge of the earth’ would be a better way of putting it.”
-Cliff Brody, cliffordbrody.com

“a seriously athletic performance.”
-Rick Westerkamp, DC Metro Theater Arts

“In the most entertaining way imaginable, they manage to take decades of faux masculinity and heteronormativity that we know as The Rock Show and totally eviscerate it.”
-Glenn Ricci, Delirium Dog

“a[n] epic massive slab of rock awesomeness”
-Jim Jullen, Asheville Fringe Festival Director

“You all are fucking awesome.”
-Kathleen Hanna, The Julie Ruin

“One should feel exalted as the dance trance focuses on breaking the pigeon-holed characterizations between genders. As the play came to an end, I look around and there was nothing short of a standing ovation. Touché Tia Nina, Touché.”
-Jai Williams, Woman Around Town

“fantastically fun and delightfully subversive”
-Kate Mattingly, DC Theatre Scene

“A sexy, weird, anarchic treat, Pitchin’ the Tent sets the Fringiness bar by which I will judge the rest of this year’s festival.”
-Ryan S. Taylor, Washington City Paper

“These three goddesses of rock ‘n’ roll will have you dancing in and out of your seat with their tour de force choreography and performances.”
“an out of this world modern dance meets performance art take on a rock concert”
-Rick Westerkamp, DC Metro Theater Arts 

“This is dance theater at its absolute best, using movement to explore concepts like
objectification, idolization, fetishization – just go see it, please, suffer the heat for these dance
goddesses. You won’t regret it.”
-Jenn Larsen, We Love DC

“Not a lot of people can dance with the Ghost of Punk, but you guys…you do it right.”
-Andy Mandella